The Northeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (NECCDC) is an annual event allowing students to apply cyber defense skills in a real-world scenario.  In 2014, the winning team of the national competition was invited to visit with Vice President Biden at the White House.  The competition gives student teams the opportunity to assume responsibility for the information technology operations of a simulated organization.

During the competition, teams are challenged to defend the simulated organization’s network and computing infrastructure.  This is a defensive competition, and professional penetration testers from the industry actively attack student teams.  Students are also required to respond to varied business challenges, encouraging teams to build skills and expertise in both the management of information systems and the implementation of information policy.  In addition to advancing careers in cyber security, the competition raises awareness about information security, fosters teamwork among students, and contributes to the ever-growing field of computer security.

Each student team will begin the competition with a level playing field.  Identical hardware and software configurations will be provided.  Teams will be responsible for maintaining business critical services, timely response to business requests, and mitigation of attacks against the simulated organization’s infrastructure and data.

Student teams from universities in the northeast region are encouraged to apply for this year’s competition.  Ten student teams will compete in the NECCDC, held at Syracuse University in March 2015.  If more than ten teams apply, an online qualifier will be held to determine those who will advance to the NECCDC.  The winner of the NECCDC will advance to the national competition.